How we quality assure medical education and training

As part of our statutory duty, we set standards for providers of medical education and training, and we regularly check those are being met. Our quality assurance (QA) framework describes how we do this through our approval, proactive, and reactive QA processes.

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Approving medical education and training

Among other functions, we approve which medical schools may award primary medical qualifications in the UK.

Our approval processes

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Proactive quality assurance

We use our proactive quality assurance processes to check that medical schools and postgraduate training organisations are continuing to meet our 'Promoting excellence' standards. We also look for excellence, innovation and notable practice in medical education and training.

Our proactive quality assurance

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Reactive quality assurance

When there is evidence that our standards are not being met, we monitor and take action where required.

Our reactive quality assurance

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Evidence, data and intelligence

Data is an important feature of our QA processes. This section provides details on our 'National Training Survey' and the documents published as part of our proactive quality assurance process.

Evidence, data and intelligence

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Physician associate and anaesthetic associate course providers

When regulation of physician associates (PAs) and anaesthetic associates (AAs) begins, PA and AA course providers must make sure the education of their students meets their standards. We will monitor and check to make sure these standards are maintained.

PA and AA course providers

Find a medical school or a postgraduate training organisation

Find information about the medical schools and postgraduate training organisations, including our quality assurance activity in the Education data tool.