Online help tool

This page provides an online tool to help you find your designated body and to help you if you don’t have a designated body.

  • Use the tool to see what type of organisation your designated body is
  • Once you have that information it might be obvious which organisation your designated body is – if not, you may find it helpful to check the A-Z list of designated bodies.

Before you get started

If you work in or at more than one organisation, you may find it helpful to:

  • make a list of all the organisations that you are employed by, have a contract with (such as practising privileges), or work through (such as a locum agency)
  • speak to these organisations, if you are unsure about your employment status
  • consider where (and in which organisation) you spend the majority of your practice.

Start using our designated body tool

If you need help

If you would like advice on how to use our tool, please contact us.

Further information about the tool

This tool is based on rules that are set out in the regulations for responsible officers introduced by the health departments of England and Northern Ireland. These regulations cover the whole of the UK.

It is intended for information only and does not constitute a definitive interpretation of the responsible officer regulations. You may wish to seek independent legal advice if you are unsure about the organisation that is your designated body.

Please be aware only UK organisations can be designated bodies. This is because the legal rules that determine this only cover the UK.