Applying to give up your registration or licence to practise and what to do if you want to get them back

This page is for doctors who want to know more about giving up or getting back their registration or licence to practise.

If you're not working as a doctor, doing work for which you don't need a licence or working overseas, you can either give up your registration, or choose to stay registered and just give up your licence.

Should I give up my registration or just my licence?

The table below compares the various registration and licensing options available to you.

If you don't hold registration or a licence, you can still use the title 'Dr' or help in emergencies or carry out so-called 'Good Samaritan' acts.

We would encourage you to talk to your medical defence organisation about your insurance and indemnity before you make any decision about your registration or licensing.

Leaving the medical register in good standing

To protect the integrity of the register and safeguard patient safety, we like all doctors to leave the same way they joined - in good standing.

So before you can give up your registration, we need to make sure you're still in good standing with the individual or organisation you have been providing medical services to.

If we didn't, doctors facing an investigation into their fitness to practise could simply give up their registration and we wouldn't be able to take any further action.

They could then apply to restore their registration (or register with another regulator) at a later date, and continue treating patients. Making sure doctors are in good standing when they leave the medical register prevents this from happening.

Getting your registration or licence back

It can be straightforward to get back your registration or licence. For both, you have to provide the same evidence; statements from the organisations you have most recently provided medical services to, and certificates of good standing from any other regulators you've been registered with in the past five years.

If you're applying to restore your registration, you will need to attend an identity check.

If you already hold registration and are applying for a licence, we will let you know if you need to attend an identity check.

If your licence was withdrawn because you failed to engage with revalidation, you'll also have to provide the information we asked you for, about your revalidation, before we will grant your licence.

Costs and refunds

There is a processing fee for giving up your registration or licence to practise.

Please see our fees page for information on our current fees.

I am ready to apply

Whether you want to give up or restore your registration or licence, you’ll do this through your GMC Online account.

We have guidance about the different applications you can make. If you’re ready to apply, you can go straight to the guidance you need: