How will the doctor be assessed?

The assessment will be carried out by an independent team of assessors, who have been trained by us. The doctor’s performance will be judged against the standards described in Good medical practice. They will be expected to demonstrate safe and competent performance for the role (and level or grade) at which they are, or were, working.

We'll carry out an assessment regardless of whether the doctor is in clinical practice or holds a licence to practise. Lots of doctors who have a performance assessment are not in work at the time. 

A fair and balanced report

The assessment team will produce a report that describes the doctor’s performance in a fair and balanced way.

They will give an overall opinion on their fitness to practise and may also recommend actions necessary to ensure patient safety, or to bring the doctor’s performance up to the expected standard. For example, they may recommend that the doctor must work under supervision or undergo training. In extreme cases, the assessors can recommend that the doctor is prevented from working.

The assessors’ report is an important source of evidence for us. But any decisions will be based on all the available information – not just the assessors’ recommendations.