A day in the life of a GP

The dynamic and challenging environment of primary care means you’re faced with making tough on-the-spot decisions every day.

Our full-day workshop gives you the time and space to explore the challenges that come with being a GP.

What is it?

A day in the life of a GP is our most popular workshop for primary care. It can be delivered as either a full-day session, or two half-day sessions.

The workshop looks at the different ethical dilemmas GPs are regularly faced with in their work. We use a mixture of case studies and interactive learning techniques to bring the subject areas to life and show how our guidance can support GPs in making difficult decisions in their practice.

Who is it for?

A day in the life of a GP features in many GP specialty training scheme programmes. The workshop has also been adapted for experienced GPs, trainers and partners. In the workshop, our facilitators work through interactive scenarios on the issues regularly faced by GPs.

How do I get involved?

If you're interested in arranging our Day in the life of a GP workshop for your organisation, get in touch.

Find your local adviser.

Or email guidanceworkshops@gmc-uk.org.

What does the workshop cover?

A day in the life of a GP is delivered by our local advisers who use interactive scenarios to work through the issues regularly faced by GPs. These can include topics such as:

  • concerns raised about doctors – trends and themes for GPs
  • raising concerns about patient safety – how do I do it and how am I protected?
  • consent – including the impact of the Montgomery case on primary care
  • confidentiality – covering adult safeguarding, female genital mutilation and PREVENT – what should be shared and when?
  • doctors’ use of social media
  • end of life care – including advance care planning and DNACPR
  • intimate examinations and chaperones – when to use them and what’s required
  • personal beliefs
  • prescribing issues
  • maintaining professional boundaries.

What did previous attendees say?

Specific, useful, practical information throughout the day.
The session was very interactive with many questions answered and resources signposted to. I will now have a good framework for initial decision making processes.
I achieved and learnt a lot by discussing different complicated scenarios.