E-learning resources

Learn in your own time with our flexible online resources

As well as offering face-to-face workshops, we also host a number of online learning solutions.

Our e-learning will help you to become familiar with our guidance through the use of realistic case scenarios. Explore some of the ethical challenges you may face in your day-to-day work and see how our guidance can help you to make decisions.

All our e-learning is free to access and anonymous. Give it a go to see where your knowledge is strong and where it could be improved

Screenshot of Welcome to UK practice self assessment tool

Test your knowledge by working through our 16 case studies based on the ethical dilemmas you are likely to face in your practice.

Case studies are grouped under five themes and you'll get feedback on your performance at the end of each theme.

Screenshot of our Good medical practice in action resource

Decide what the doctor should do in interactive scenarios that bring the guidance to life.

This tool draws out principles in Good medical practice and our other guidance. You'll follow a patient on their journey, and decide what the doctor should do. 

A Dr's stethoscope sitting on a laptop keyboard

Explore our range of learning materials, like flowcharts and case studies, to help put the principles in our ethical guidance into practice.