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Bodies awarding UK medical degrees

The GMC decides which bodies or combinations of bodies are entitled to award UK primary medical qualifications (PMQs).

In most cases, a medical school is associated with one university which issues the degrees to graduates. But a few medical schools operate under combinations of universities and legally it is the combination that can hold examinations for the purpose of awarding PMQs.

Up to 8 December 2010, the list of bodies entitled to issue PMQs also included ‘a combination of the University of Leicester and the University of Warwick’. Each university now awards its own PMQ. As the combination no longer issues PMQs, its entry in the list was redundant and was removed. This does not affect the continuing validity of PMQs previously awarded by the combination.

You can look at the GMC's quality assurance reports about individual UK medical schools.

For more information about UK medical schools, look at the website of the Medical Schools Council.

Currently these bodies and combinations of bodies entitled to award UK PMQs are: