Approved Specialty Curriculum and Associated Assessment System 2010

Training in Paediatrics is designed in three levels:

  • Paediatrics level 1 (ST1 -3)
  • Paediatrics level 2 (ST4 -5)
  • Paediatrics level 3 (ST6 -8)

Click the link below to access the complete curriculum and associated assessment system for all levels of training.

Paediatric Sub-specialties:

After successfully completing Paediatrics Level 2, doctors have the opportunity to undertake training in Paediatrics Level 3 or apply to undertake a Paediatric sub-specialty. Click on the links below to view the sub-specialty documentation.

Training in the sub-specialty of Paediatric emergency medicine can be taken on through both Paediatrics and Emergency medicine training pathways.

Approved Specialty Curriculum and Associated Assessment System 2007

Specialty Curriculum and Assessment System Blueprint

All trainees must follow levels one and two, as listed below. They may then decide to follow level three or one of the listed sub-specialties.


Associated Assessment System for Paediatric Sub-specialties apart from Paediatric emergency medicine

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