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Specialty Curriculum and Associated Assessment System 2010

Doctors wishing to undertake training in the specialty of Anaesthetics must complete 2 years of core specialty training by following either the Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) programme or Anaesthetics Basic Level Training. From ST3 onwards training is specific to Anaethetics but the training to CCT requires the completion of both core and higher approved training.

The 2010 approved documentation for Anaesthetics incorporates all levels of specialty training from ST 1 to ST 7.Click the links below to access both the complete Curriculum and Assessment System Blueprint and the possible core ACCS element. 



ST 1 & 2



ST3 - ST7







Anaesthetics Basic Level Training (Appendix B) (pdf)




Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) (pdf)









Higher Specialty Training Curriculum for Anaesthetics (pdf)









Associated Assessment Blueprint for Anaesthetics Training: Basic to Higher (pdf)











Anaesthetics subspecialty: Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine

Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine is the subspecialty of four specialties: Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics, Intensive Care Medicine and Acute Internal Medicine. Click the link below to access the complete subspecialty curriculum and associated assessment system.

Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine Curriculum and Assessment blueprint

Specialty Curriculum and Associated Assessment System 2007


To view the anaesthetics curriculum which exists in four parts, please click on the links below.

Associated Assessment System

The GMC has approved the curriculum and associated assessment system for the specialty of Anaesthetics.  The documentation received from the Royal College of Anaesthetists makes reference throughout to anaesthesia which is not the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) specialty title. The United Kingdom agreed CCT specialty in accordance with the Medical Act is Anaesthetics.  The GMC awaits the receipt from the College of the amended documentation reflecting the approved title.
Click on the link below to view the relevant document.

Acute Care Common Stem

The ACCS curriculum element, below, has also been approved as a possible element of the Anaesthetics curriculum. Trainees who successfully complete ACCS training may join the above curriculum at an appropriate level.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists is in the process of providing to the GMC the assessment blueprint for ACCS.

Annual College Summary 2008/2009 (pdf)