PLAB test dates

PLAB Part 1 and 2 exam dates 

This page lists PLAB test dates.

To book a PLAB test date, you need to log in to GMC Online. Please see Book and cancel an exam place for further instructions.

Please be aware that this list will not be updated when a test is fully booked or not yet open for booking, so you may not be able to book a test on the dates listed below. The best way to find out about available places is to log in to GMC Online and look in the My PLAB section.

PLAB 1 exams: 

Test date: 12 March 2015

Closing date (overseas): 15 January 2015; Closing date (UK): 5 March 2015

Test date: 17 June 2015

Closing date (overseas): no exam; Closing date (UK): 10 June 2015

Test date: 10 September 2015

Closing date (overseas): no exam; Closing date (UK): 3 September 2015

Test date: 5 November 2015

Closing date (overseas): 30 September 2015; Closing date (UK): 29 October 2015

PLAB 2 exams:

Test date (Manchester): 3 and 4 March 2015 Closing date: 29 January 2015

Test date (Manchester): 11 and 12 March 2015 Closing date: 5 February 2015

Test date (Manchester): 24 and 25 March 2015 Closing date: 19 February 2015

Test date (Manchester): 15 and 16 April 2015 Closing date: 12 March 2015

Test date (Manchester): 28 and 29 April 2015 Closing date: 26 March 2015

Test date (Manchester): 5 and 6 May 2015 Closing date: 1 April 2015

Test date (Manchester): 19 and 20 May 2015 Closing date: 16 April 2015

Overview PLAB Part 2 exams in 2015
January Throughout the month
February Throughout the month
March Throughout the month
April Throughout the month
May Throughout the month
June Beginning of the month
July and August No exam
September Throughout the month
October Throughout the month  
November Throughout the month  
December Beginning of the month