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Book and cancel an exam place


  1. How do I know what exam places are available?
  2. How do I book an exam place?
  3. What is the fee?
  4. Are there any concessions for refugees?
  5. How do I cancel my place?
  6. How do I change my exam date?
  7. What do I do if I am absent or sick on the exam day?
  8. What if I have a disability?

How do I know what exam places are available?

We list exams in which there are places available in GMC Online and you will see the availability of places when you begin to book. Places occasionally become available in previously full examinations when someone cancels and you may want to check the My Tests section of GMC Online regularly in case a place becomes available in an earlier examination. We cannot save a place for you or tell you when a place becomes available. There are no waiting list places that you may hold in case another candidate cancels.

How do I book an exam place?

You must book online. If you are unable to do so (for example if you do not have a credit or debit card) please contact us.

Before you book PLAB, you must make sure you hold an acceptable primary medical qualification.

You will also need to show us that you have the necessary knowledge of English. You can do this by achieving our minimum required scores in the academic version of IELTS. To find out more about the assessment, see the IELTS website.

I am an existing user of GMC Online

If you have applied to take either part of PLAB before, you will already have a GMC reference number.

If you already have an online account, you can log in here and make your application in the My Tests section.

Log in to GMC Online.

I am a new user of GMC Online (PLAB Part 1 only)

If you have a GMC reference number, but have never logged in to your online account and do not have log in details, you can activate your account here.

Activate your account.

If you do not have a GMC reference number, please click on the link below and follow the simple instructions to set up your account.

  • Details of your primary medical qualification (PMQ)
  • Details of your current valid passport
  • A postal address that we can contact you at (known as your registered address)
  • An email address.

During the process of setting up your GMC Online account, you will create your own password for future use. After completing the account set up process, we will send you a confirmation by email. This email will also include the GMC reference number that we have assigned to you.

Read our Privacy and Cookies policy to find out how we will use the information you provide.

We do not allow you to hold more than one GMC Online account. If you have created a GMC online account and can no longer remember your password, please use the forgotten password link that appears on the main login page. If you try to set up a second GMC Online account, your account will be locked and you will have to telephone us to unlock this. For security reasons, we will not unlock your account by email.

Set up an online account.

Once you have set up your account, to complete your booking online you must log in to your online account using your GMC reference number and password.

You must then go into the My Tests section and enter your IELTS scores.

If your IELTS scores are acceptable, and you sat the test not more than two years before the date of the PLAB Part 1 exam you wish to book, you will be allowed to choose an exam place.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is true, whether you submit it yourself or through a third party. If you provide false information, you may not be allowed to register even if you pass the PLAB test.

Next, you will need to proceed to the payment section and enter the details of your credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard, VISA Electron, Visa Delta, Maestro or Solo).

When you have entered all the information required and paid your fee, you will receive an immediate email confirmation of your booking.

If there is an issue with your booking you will see an error message asking you to contact us by telephone or email. You will only receive an email confirmation if your booking is successful. If you do not receive an email confirmation, then you should not make any travel arrangements to attend your selected test.

What is the fee?

See our fees page for the current fee.

Are there any concessions for refugees?

If you are a refugee doctor living in the UK, the fee for Part 1 will be waived for your first two attempts and for Part 2 will be reduced by 50% for your first two attempts. Please book the examination online and contact us to arrange a refund.

Read our information for refugee doctors living in the UK.

How do I cancel my place?

You can cancel your place using GMC Online and we will automatically charge the relevant cancellation fee. We will credit the remainder of your fee to the credit or debit card you used when booking your place. We cannot make a refund to a different card. If you did not pay by credit or debit card, we will send a cheque to you.

If you cannot cancel using the online system, you can download a cancellation form (pdf).

If you want to change the date of your examination you must first cancel your place, pay the cancellation fee and book again. You may not cancel your place once you have attempted the examination. The cancellation fees are:

Part 1

 Period of notice

 Cancellation fee

 For tests booked on or before 31 January 2016

 Cancellation fee

 For tests booked on or after 1 February 2016 

 Over 83 days before the exam  No cancellation fee  No cancellation fee 
 Between 83 and 57 days before the exam  £77.50 (50%)  £115
 Less than 57 days before the exam  £155 (100%)  £230

Part 2

 Period of notice

 Cancellation Fee

 For tests booked on or before 31 January 2016

 Cancellation Fee 

 For tests booked on or after 1 February 2016

 Over 83 days before the exam  No cancellation fee  No cancellation fee 
 Between 83 and 43 days before the exam  £232.50 (50%)  £420
 Less than 43 days before the exam  £465.00 (100%)  £840

How do I change my exam date?

If you wish to change your exam date, you must cancel your place and re-book. We will require you to pay the cancellation fee, unless you can provide one of the forms of evidence described below. You will not be able to see the list of available dates on our website and you should contact us for advice.

We cannot arrange an exchange of exam places between candidates.

What do I do if I am absent or sick on the exam day?

If you cannot attend the examination because of serious illness or another overwhelming problem, we will make a full refund of your fee. You must provide the following evidence:

  • Illness - medical certificate or letter on appropriate headed paper covering the day of the examination
  • Death or serious injury of family member - death/medical certificate
  • Immigration difficulties, such as refusal of visa - a document from the UK Visas and Immigration 
  • Any other difficulty you could not have foreseen - a letter of explanation (for example, from an employer)

Please send copies, not original documents. Please send scanned copies to with a covering email explaining the circumstances of your cancellation. Alternatively, you can send copies of the documents with a covering letter by post, addressed to Registration Support Team (CAC) at our Manchester address.

By presenting yourself for the exam, you deem yourself fit to be assessed. Should this change at any point you must tell an invigilator immediately. Please remember that if you do not declare any illness or issues, this cannot be taken into account once the exam has finished.

If you are taken ill at an exam, it will not count as an attempt. We will book you a place in the next available exam if you wish us to do so.

What if I have a disability?

If you have a disability within the scope of the Equality Act 2010, we may be able to make reasonable adjustments to the examination. We will not make adjustments to the standard of the examination but may be able to make adjustments to the arrangements if, for example, you have dyslexia, or a visual or motor impairment.

Read about what we can do for you if you have a disability.