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Mrs Melville comes back in seeking further facial surgery, and mentions that she would like to make Mr Yannis a beneficiary in her will.

(The story so far...)

Mr Yannis is a cosmetic surgeon working in the independent sector. Mrs Melville is a former patient.

Mr Yannis

Mr Yannis

Mrs Melville, I don't know what to say. I'm very flattered of course, but I'm not sure whether it would be...

Mrs Melville

Mrs Melville

Oh say you'll take it Mr Yannis, please. You changed my life! You made me into a new woman, twice over! And you can hopefully work your magic again... whatever you decide about treatment this time, I just want to show my gratitude. Please say you'll accept, you'll offend me terribly if you don't...

What should the doctor do...? (Select A,B or C)


Accept Mrs Melville's offer, as he doesn't wish to offend her, but suggest she leaves the money to his clinic rather than him personally?


Apologise and say he'll have to turn her kind offer down?


Say he can't deny her the right to make her will as she wishes, but that she shouldn't tell him what she decides.

Mr Yannis

See what the doctor did

Mr Yannis apologised for offending her but said that guidance from his regulator and professional body meant that he couldn't accept her kind offer, either for himself or for his clinic.


You must not ask for or accept - from patients, colleagues or others - any inducement, gift or hospitality that may affect or be seen to affect the way you prescribe for, treat or refer patients or commission services for patients.
(Good Medical Practice, paragraph 80)