Working with doctors Working for patients


Good medical practice and the explanatory guidance that supports it describe what is expected of all doctors registered with the GMC.

The case studies in GMP in action are fictional and for illustration purposes only. Their aim is to put GMC guidance in context, exploring how some of the principles might work in practice. The material, including 'What the doctor did' does not represent GMC guidance or policy in itself, nor is it intended to replace GMC guidance.

The case studies cannot be relied on to be clinically accurate (although they are written in collaboration with clinicians). Nor do the case studies intend to show the "correct" interpretation of GMC guidance, only one (or more) possible interpretation(s).

Doctors should not, therefore, rely on the case studies to make any decisions. There is no substitute for a doctor's clinical judgement applied to the individual circumstances of each case.

Nothing in the case studies shall prejudice the GMC's rights and duties under the Medical Act 1983 and associated secondary legislation to consider and, if appropriate, investigate and refer to one of its Committees or Panels for determination any allegation(s) about a practitioner on its register, either that they have not acted in accordance with the principles of GMP or otherwise.