Status of our services

We’re continuing to support doctors and patients at this challenging time, in line with UK government advice on coronavirus (COVID-19). Find the status of all our services below. We'll keep this page up to date with the latest information about our services.

Service  Status Last updated
Applications Continuing with online applications. 1 July 2020
Concerns about doctors Concerns can be submitted through online forms. 1 July 2020
Contact centre Open. 1 July 2020
Face-to-face ID checks Postponed until further notice. 1 July 2020
National training surveys  Postponed until further notice. 1 July 2020
Our offices Closed until further notice. Our staff are working from home. 1 July 2020
Outreach services Face to face workshops postponed, but support continues. 1 July 2020
PLAB 1 Bookings reopening on 16 July 2020.
1 July 2020
PLAB 2 Tests will restart from 13 August 2020.
3 July 2020
Recognition of trainers Continuing with new applications. Recognised trainers will have their recognition extended if it’s due to expire before September 2020. 1 July 2020
Revalidation If you were due to revalidate between 17 March 2020 and 16 March 2021, we've moved your revalidation date by one year. 1 July 2020
Specialist applications We’re currently processing a large number of applications, we’ll progress applications as quickly as we can. 1 July 2020
Tribunals Postponed until further notice. 1 July 2020
Welcome to UK practice Face-to-face workshops cancelled. 1 July 2020