Taking revalidation forward

Last month your employer liaison adviser (ELA) emailed you about the progress we’ve made to address the recommendations in Sir Keith Pearson's review of revalidation. 

Recent developments include:

Improving our revalidation submission systems

Doctors’ revalidation submission dates will now be calculated at five years from their original submission date, regardless of when you make the recommendation. 

This follows feedback from doctors who said that it was unfair and confusing for them not to get five full years between revalidation submission dates if their responsible officer (RO) made a recommendation to revalidate early. ROs also told us this sometimes led them to delay submitting their recommendation until the original submission date, resulting in queries from doctors. 

We’ll also now only remind doctors that their revalidation recommendation is due a day after their submission date, rather than ten days before.  You told us that these reminder emails were being sent too early, resulting in queries and unnecessary worry from doctors. 

Both of these updates came into effect on 24 May 2018 – we hope you find these improvements helpful.