Keeping you connected

GMC Connect is your secure online portal, where you can submit information to us securely and confidentially. It also lets us give you the necessary tools to support you in your role.

We’ve listened to your feedback and made several improvements over the last year. You told us you wanted improvements related to its fitness to practise functions. We’ve therefore made it quicker and easier to make referrals. And we’ve updated the dashboard to give you more fitness to practise data. 

To make sure you get the most from GMC Connect, here’s an overview of how it can help you in your role. 


In the ‘Your Doctors’ tab, you’ll find the tools you need to support you with revalidation. You can:

  • make recommendations to revalidate, defer revalidation, or report non-engagement
  • view your submitted recommendations
  • manage your list of doctors, including adding and removing doctors and viewing a doctor’s revalidation and connection history 
  • view and export lists of your connected doctors. 

Fitness to practise

You can use the ‘Referrals’ tab to make referrals to us when you have concerns about a doctor’s fitness to practise. You can also access referral and threshold guidance in this area. 

By using the ‘Dashboards’ tab, you can find out about the latest decisions we’ve made about doctors’ fitness to practise, which we update daily. 

What else can I do? 

We want GMC Connect to be as useful and user friendly as possible. Alongside managing your responsibilities for revalidation and referrals, you can also:

  • view data split by healthcare organisation for revalidation, fitness to practise and education under ‘Dashboards’
  • update your contact details through ‘Responsible Officer Details’
  • assign user access to your account through ‘User Administration’
  • access several template forms in the ‘Guidance and Forms’ section, including forms to request a change to a doctor’s submission date, send a non-engagement concern to a doctor, or change designated body or responsible officer details
  • see news and events updates on the homepage
  • upload documents to personal and shared document folders.

You can also view GMC Connect user guides in the ‘Guidance and Forms’ section. 

Need to create an account? 

It’s important that all responsible officers and designated bodies have access to GMC Connect.

If you don’t have an account or if it’s lapsed, please contact You’ll need to email us using your registered responsible officer email address. Tell us which designated body you require access to and we’ll provide instructions on what to do next.

Connecting in the future

We hope you find GMC Connect useful and easy to use. We’ll consider further changes to GMC Connect in due course so if you have any other feedback or suggestions for improvements on its usability or functions, email us at