Licence case studies

We’ve worked with organisations to develop case studies using real life examples of queries they receive from doctors about holding a licence.

They are intended to show how our advice can be applied and the steps you should take to establish whether you need a licence. We can’t provide advice on specific roles and whether a licence is required.

We’d like to thank the Independent Doctors Federation and the Medical Defence Union for their assistance in creating the case studies.

I’m coming towards the end of my career. What are my options? 

Dr Tella is about to retire from her consultant post in the NHS. She’s thinking about her options and considering whether to start doing medico-legal work.

I’m retired and thinking of giving up my licence. What should I do? 

Dr Littleman is a retired GP and now works as a nutritionist and homeopathic practitioner in his own practice. He’s considering giving up his licence.