Employers and healthcare provider/doctor discussion points

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  2. Employers and healthcare provider and doctor discussion points

We have developed this list for doctors, employers, healthcare providers and organisations contracting with doctors, to use to support their discussions about whether a doctor needs a licence to practise for the work they undertake. 

  • Will the role involve carrying out any activity where there is a legal requirement to hold a licence? For example, requirements in the Medical Act or other legislation? 
  • Will the role require the doctor to use medical knowledge and skills that need to be up to date?
  • How will the doctor be supported to meet GMC requirements for revalidation while undertaking this role? Will the doctor have a connection to a designated body or suitable person whilst undertaking the role? (See our online tool)
  • Does the doctor’s insurance or indemnity provider require the doctor to hold a licence for the role?
  • Will patients or service users expect or assume that the doctor is licensed and how will you make sure that all patients or service users are made fully aware of the doctor’s registration status?
  • Is there a clear role description for the work to be undertaken? And is there a mechanism in place to make sure that this is kept under review should the role develop or change over time?
  • If the doctor does not hold a licence, will this affect the conditions or benefits of their employment in any way? For example, the right to maternity or sickness pay?   

Download printable version of the discussion points