Temporary and occasional registration


Eligibility requirements for temporary and occasional registration

Temporary and occasional medical services are of short duration, are infrequent and don’t occur regularly.

To be eligible you must be:

  • a national of the EEA or Switzerland or hold enforceable community rights
  • established in another EU country 
  • currently registered and licensed (where required) and allowed to practise without restriction 
  • intending to be present in the UK to provide medical services on both a temporary and occasional basis.

You're not eligible if any of the following apply:

  • you don't intend to actually practise in the UK (and want registration for another purpose)
  • you will be permanently employed in the UK (on a full or part time basis)
  • you will be working in the UK for an indefinite period of time (on a permanent or fixed term contract/agreement)
  • you will be working in the UK on a regular, frequent and/or continuous basis (on a permanent or fixed term contract/agreement)
  • you're not established in another EU country.

Our guidance on temporary and occasional registration explains the eligibility requirements. It goes through our process for assessing whether your intended practice is temporary and occasional. After reading the guidance, if you don't think you're eligible, you can apply for registration with a licence to practise through another route.

I am eligible for temporary and occasional registration

To be registered through this route, you must make a declaration of your intention to provide temporary and occasional medical services in the UK and provide some details of the work. 

Make a first or new declaration

Renew my registration

Move from temporary and occasional registration to full registration

If you're no longer providing medical services on a temporary and occasional basis and you still need your registration and licence, you must apply to move to full registration. When we get your application, we'll let you know what evidence we need in addition to any you've already provided.