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General Practice in the UK

This page is for doctors who plan to work in the UK as a General Practitioner (GP).

If you plan to work as a General Practitioner (GP) in the UK you need to complete a number of processes. Some of these are handled by organisations other than the GMC.

  • Main GMC registration requirements
  • Performers lists
  • Induction and Returner schemes
  • Employment checks

Main GMC registration requirements

You must have full registration with a licence to practise, and be on our GP Register, before you can work as a GP in the UK.

To apply to join the GP Register you should gain one of the following:

  • the necessary competencies through General Practice (GP) training outside the UK. It would be expected that this would be in a programme approved by the local training provider in that country and as such be fully supervised.
  • the necessary competencies through GP training within the UK.
  • the necessary competencies in posts other than GP training posts. Please note that there are certain competencies that require experience in primary care which can only be achieved within GP posts.

Use our registration application finder to find out if you're eligible and how to apply.

Performers Lists

To train and work as a General Practitioner in the UK you need to be on a Primary Medical Performers list.

Performers lists are managed by Primary Care Organisations and you must apply to a Primary Care Organisation to be entered onto them.

You should read the information about applying for the UK country that applies to you. This will help you apply at the right time so your training or practice is not delayed.

Induction and Returner schemes

If you’re:

  • returning to General Practice or
  • have never worked in the NHS as a GP

you’ll need to apply for entry onto an Induction and Returner scheme to work in England or Wales.

To find out more contact the GP National Recruitment Office.

Similar programmes are in place in Scotland and Northern Ireland, co-ordinated by:

Employment checks

The NHS undertakes a number of employment checks before appointing doctors to GP posts. NHS Employers give more information about this.