About your registration and licence to practise

As soon as we’ve written to you to confirm that you’ve been given temporary registration or your licence to practise has been restored, you can work as a doctor if you’re asked and willing to do so. You must not start practising until you receive this confirmation.

Check your registration

You can check your registration status on the medical register.


You won’t be charged a fee for receiving temporary registration or a temporary licence to practise, as you’ve been given these as part of the response to the pandemic.

If you already held registration, you’ll be charged your usual fee to remain on the medical register. This means that when the emergency is over, you’ll retain your registration and only your temporary licence to practise will be removed.


You won’t have to participate in revalidation if you have temporary registration or a licence to practise. 

Length of temporary registration or licence to practise

Your temporary registration or licence to practise will last for the duration of the emergency. As soon as the UK government tells us that the emergency is over, we’ll remove your temporary registration or licence to practise. When this happens, we’ll contact you and the health service, to let you know.

Our removal of temporary registration policy includes more information about the approach we’ll take to removing doctors’ temporary registration. It explains what happens when the emergency is over and how we would handle concerns about doctors with temporary registration or a licence to practise.