The GMC decision-making process

Checks before making our decision

Once we have received a recommendation about your revalidation, or the information we need from your annual returns and revalidation assessment, we will do some further checks. For example, we will check:

  • you are fully registered with a licence to practise
  • the recommendation has come from the correct responsible officer and designated body, or suitable person if you have one
  • your fitness to practise history for any current, or pending, investigations or considerations
  • your revalidation and registration history
  • any non-payment of your annual retention fee or failure to keep your registered address up to date
  • that any other information we hold has been kept up to date.

If the checking process raises any significant issues, we may seek clarification from you, your responsible officer or suitable person, your appraiser or employer before we make a decision about your revalidation.

There may be exceptional circumstances where we need to defer making a decision about your revalidation. In these circumstances we will let you know of this and explain why.

Factors we take into account in making the decision

The registrar takes the following factors into account when deciding whether you should be revalidated and continue to hold a licence.

  • Information provided by you, or your responsible officer or suitable person, in making their recommendation about your revalidation.
  • Any other information about your revalidation that we have asked you for. For example an annual return.
  • Any information we hold which is relevant to the evaluation of your fitness to practise.
  • Whether you have complied with our guidance, including sufficiently engaging with appraisal and other processes that support your revalidation.
  • Whether you have met the required standard in an assessment designed to evaluate your fitness to practise, if you do not have a responsible officer or suitable person and were asked to take such an assessment.

We will send you confirmation of our decision.