The revalidation decisions

The decision to revalidate

Where we decide to revalidate you, this means that you have demonstrated you are fit to practise. There is no change to your licence or registration, and you may continue to practise as usual.

We will give you a new revalidation submission date, and you will be able to see this in your GMC Online account. Revalidation is an ongoing process, and you must continue to engage with processes such as annual appraisal, and to comply with the requirements of revalidation set out in this guidance.

The decision to defer your revalidation submission date

If we defer your submission date, you will continue to hold your licence and can practise as usual. We will give you a new submission date, which you will be able to see in your GMC Online account.

We will send you formal notification of your new submission date at least three months in advance of the new date.

We expect you to meet any outstanding revalidation requirements by your new revalidation submission date, unless you have a reasonable excuse.

The decision to withdraw a licence to practise

We may withdraw your licence if you fraudulently give us any evidence or information relevant to your revalidation. Or if, without reasonable excuse, you fail to:

  • comply with a requirement in this guidance
  • give us any evidence or information requested on or before your revalidation submission date
  • undergo (or meet the required standard in) an assessment when requested (if you do not have a connection to a designated body or suitable person)
  • give us any evidence or information that we need about your employment, responsible officer or designated body
  • give any further information or evidence we reasonably request 
  • pay a required fee. 

We will:

  • tell you that we are considering withdrawing your licence and explain our reasons 
  • invite you to make written representations to us within 28 days. 

Your written representations should explain why we should not withdraw your licence. For example, by telling us how you have been meeting the requirements for your revalidation, or the reasons why you have been unable to do so, or any other reason why we should not withdraw your licence. You should provide objective and, where possible, verifiable evidence to support your statements. If you cannot give us any information within 28 days you must tell us why. If you do not make any written representations within the given timeframe this may further evidence your failure to engage with revalidation and support a decision to withdraw your licence.

We will consider whether to withdraw your licence. We will take into consideration any information or evidence you provide us with when making our decision.

If you fail to comply with revalidation requirements we are not required to demonstrate your fitness to practise is impaired through a fitness to practise investigation or hearing. The withdrawal of your licence in these circumstances is based on the fact that you have failed to comply with the legal requirements for revalidation.

If we decide to withdraw your licence we will explain why in writing and tell you when your licence will be withdrawn. 

There is a right of appeal to an appeals panel if we decide to withdraw your licence. 

Once we tell you your licence has been withdrawn you must immediately stop doing any practice in the UK that requires a licence to practise. This decision does not affect your registration with us and you can apply to have your licence restored.

When we notify you that your licence is withdrawn, we may advise you of any evidence or information that will be required if you apply to restore your licence. If you apply to restore your licence, it is possible that we will need further information at that time. If so, we will tell you what you need to send us.

You can find more information about registration without a licence, restoring a licence and appeals in our guidance, Revalidation and the licence to practise: withdrawing, giving up or restoring your licence and licensing appeals