Checklist for designated bodies

Designated bodies must:

  • appoint a responsible officer to support the process of revalidation
  • give responsible officers sufficient funds and resources to carry out their role
  • have a sufficient number of trained appraisers in post
  • put in place IT and HR systems which support doctors to collect supporting information
  • help doctors you employ to identify their designated body (whether this is you or another organisation) using our connection tool
  • support doctors connected to your organisation by:
    • recording their next revalidation date so you can make sure your responsible officer makes a recommendation on time
    • signposting to information about revalidation and appraisals
    • sharing information with them, such as complaints, compliments and feedback, exit reports, and information collected to support service quality and delivery.
  • make sure you have processes to monitor and share information about locum doctors’ practice during their placement, including exit reports
  • recognise that small designated bodies and locum agencies have exactly the same responsibilities as larger designated bodies.

If you're a small designated body, you might find it helpful to collaborate with peer organisations to make sure your systems are effective.

Local systems to support doctors

Employers in the NHS and the independent sector need to have the right local systems to support doctors with revalidation.

Organisations need to make sure they have:

  • an up to date appraisal system that makes sure every licensed doctor is having a regular appraisal and reflects our core guidance for doctors, Good medical practice
  • clinical governance systems that can provide doctors with the supporting information they need for appraisal and revalidation
  • policies and systems to identify and respond to concerns about doctors
  • robust links with the other organisations where your doctors may also be working, so information about their practice and any concerns about them can be shared.