The responsibilities of responsible officers and designated bodies in preparing for revalidation

This guide outlines your responsibilities for revalidation as a responsible officer or designated body.

It gives you a checklist of duties and systems that must be in place for revalidation to work effectively. It also includes principles for information sharing, which we've prepared with the support of partner organisations.

Revalidation only works as an assurance mechanism if all designated bodies fulfil their responsibilities, regardless of the type of organisation they are or their size.

Every designated body should make sure their doctors are supported and supervised in being up to date and fit to practise, and can meet the requirements of revalidation.

It's important that you fulfil the requirements outlined in this guide and in our step-by-step process for responsible officers.

The background to this guide

This guide provides a simple checklist of the responsibilities and duties outlined in:

Who is this guide for?
This guidance is for responsible officers and designated bodies, including locum agencies. 
Why you need to read this guide
This guide gives a simple checklist of your legal responsibilities in relation to revalidation.