Revalidation tips for doctors working in multiple settings

Your connection

If you work for a number of organisations, or carry out work for a number of locum agencies, you'll need to identify which (if any) of these organisations is your designated body. If you're not sure, you can use our connection tool to find out.

Before using the tool you may want to think about:

  • whether you undertake work for more than one agency
  • how much time you spend undertaking work for each agency.

You must keep your connection information up to date in your GMC Online account at all times. 

Whole practice appraisal 

Your annual appraisal must cover your whole practice. This means all the places where you work and roles you hold, including locum work, private practice and NHS practice.

Your supporting information for revalidation must cover all roles you hold as a doctor. If you’re not sure how much information to collect from each role, read our supporting information guidance and discuss this with your responsible officer, suitable person, or us if you don’t have a connection.

Those asked to give feedback about you for revalidation must come from across your practice and should include people from a range of roles.

Our case studies include examples of how doctors working in a number of settings have approached collecting feedback from patients.

Sharing information about your practice

You have a professional responsibility to tell your responsible officer or suitable person and your appraiser all the places where you have worked, or are working, since your last appraisal.

You may also be asked for details of the responsible officer at each setting. If you do not have a connection, you should include this information in your annual return.

You must tell your responsible officer or suitable person if any of the following happen, at any of the places where you work:

  • you’re involved in a significant event
  • a complaint is made about you
  • there is a concern about your fitness to practise
  • you are suspended or have restrictions placed on your practice (by an employer or the GMC). You must also tell any patients you see independently.

If you change roles and your connection changes, you should make sure you have access to your recent appraisals and revalidation portfolio, as your new responsible officer or suitable person may ask you to share this information with them.

If you don't have a connection, you will need this information for the appraisal and annual return process. 

Those with governance responsibility at any setting where you work also have a duty to share information of note about your practice with your responsible officer.