Appealing a decision about your licence

What decisions can you appeal?

You can appeal a decision to:

  • refuse to grant you a licence to practise
  • withdraw your licence to practise
  • refuse to restore your licence to practise.

If you want to appeal, you must do so within 28 days of the date of delivery of that decision. You should follow the instructions set out in our online guidance on appealing a licence to practise decision.

You remain licensed to work until the end of the 28 day appeal period or while there is an ongoing appeal against our decision.

A decision by us to withdraw your licence or refuse to restore your licence does not take effect until you have had the opportunity to inform us that you wish to appeal the decision (within 28 days of the decision) and the outcome of any such appeal has been decided.

Who reviews your appeal?

Appeals are considered by a registration appeals panel, and all members of this panel are independent of the GMC. Appeals are administered by our Appeals team.

Our Appeals team is independent of the registration and revalidation process and aims to give an impartial and fair service. If you're unhappy with the outcome of an appeal, you have the right to a further appeal to a county court.