Revalidation and fitness to practise

If you are involved in proceedings about your fitness to practise, you must continue to engage with revalidation as long as you are registered with a licence to practise.

  • You should, as much as is possible, collect and reflect on supporting information, and have an annual appraisal.
  • If you become involved in proceedings about your fitness to practise after we've given notice of your revalidation submission date, we may wait for the outcome of the investigation before taking further steps in relation to your revalidation. We will confirm this with you.
  • You should comply with any conditions or undertakings on your registration and continue to engage with our revalidation requirements.
  • If you are suspended or erased from the register, you will no longer hold registration (or a licence) with us and therefore will no longer need to revalidate.
  • For any other fitness to practise outcome, we may issue a new revalidation submission date, request a new recommendation or ask for further information.

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