Involving patients in revalidation

Helping patients understand revalidation

We have created a simplified explanation about revalidation, highlighting the role of patients and the importance of providing feedback about their doctor. This has been created in collaboration with patients and members of the public.

You are welcome to use this explanation in materials at your own organisations to explain what revalidation is. 

We also have a leaflet for patients about giving feedback to their doctor, along with frequently asked questions for patients. We recommend giving patients a copy of the leaflet when they’re asked to give feedback about their doctor. 

Involving patients in revalidation systems

We have created two case studies which show how organisations have involved patients in revalidation. 

Whilst we do not recommend a particular approach, we hope these case studies help you think about ways that lay member participation can make sure that revalidation systems and outcomes reflect patient interests.

If you have examples in your own organisation that you’d like to share, please speak to your employer liaison adviser

Read the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' report, Lay involvement in revalidation. This report identifies the different roles lay people have in the revalidation process and highlights the benefits and challenges to doing this.