Getting regular feedback using surveys: Taurus Healthcare

The seven-day improved access programme operated by local GPs and nurses provides routine appointments to patients from practices across Herefordshire.

The service has developed a feedback system that enables each patient to give feedback after their consultation and supports doctors and nurses to gather continuous feedback from patients who they don’t see on a regular basis.

Patients are asked to complete a short survey about the service and clinician they saw. Questions asked include:

  • Did you feel listened to?
  • Was everything explained to you so you could understand?
  • Did the clinician make you feel comfortable during the consultation?
  • Would you recommend the service?

The survey is available to complete online or on paper. It’s also available in different languages and braille. Results are collated and shared with doctors every six months.

The system works for doctors because they have access to regular, meaningful feedback that they can reflect on at their annual appraisal or revalidation. There’s also no additional burden of collection and collation, as the process is administered independently of the doctor.

The system works for patients because it enables a large number and range of patients to give feedback. Giving feedback about the service and doctor in one survey also means patients no longer receive a number of separate requests for feedback.