Making a recommendation about a doctor’s revalidation

GMC fitness to practise proceedings

Doctors who are the subject of an open fitness to practise investigation

If a licensed doctor is the subject of an open GMC fitness to practise investigation when they are due to revalidate:

  • they must continue to engage with revalidation, for example, by collecting supporting information and having appraisals, as far as is possible
  • we will not issue notice or accept recommendations about their revalidation.

If a doctor becomes subject to a fitness to practise investigation after you have submitted your recommendation to us, but before we have made our decision, we will contact you.

If the doctor remains licensed at the conclusion of an investigation, and their revalidation date has passed during the investigation, we may write to you and the doctor advising of their new submission date. You can contact our revalidation team if you need to change this date.