How do I connect to a suitable person?

Once you've identified a licensed doctor who meets our criteria, you should ask them:

  • if they are willing to be your suitable person
  • if they will charge you a fee for arranging your annual appraisal and for making a revalidation recommendation about you
  • to contact us to apply to be approved as your suitable person (even if we have already approved them for another doctor).

When they contact us, we'll ask them to complete a pre-assessment, usually over the telephone. If we think they broadly meet the criteria, we will send them an application form to complete. This needs to be supported by sufficient evidence for us to assess whether they meet our criteria to be approved as your suitable person.

Once the individual has been approved as your suitable person, you should check your connection information in your GMC Online account to make sure it's up to date.

If you don't have a GMC Online account, read a doctor's guide to GMC Online for details on how to sign up.