Certificates of proof of entry on the register

  • This certificate shows, the doctor's name and the registration status held at the time it was issued.
  • This certificate is not proof of identity.
  • The doctor's current status may have changed on the medical register from the time the certificate was issued. You can check their current status on the medical register.

Approved practice settings

If the doctor’s current status includes a reference to approved practice settings, this means their practice in the UK is subject to the requirements of our approved practice settings scheme. For more information see our approved practice settings guide.

In some cases, the registration status shown on the certificate will be different from the status shown on the medical register. For example:

Registration status on a Certificate of proof of entry: 

  • Full Registration in APS with a licence to practise 
  • Visiting EEA registration with a licence to practise

Registration status on the Medical Register:

  • Registered with a licence to practise 
  • Temporary registration with a licence to practise

Requesting a copy of a certificate of proof of entry

If you are a doctor, you can view and print a certificate of proof of entry directly from your GMC Online account:

  • log into your GMC Online account
  • from the left hand menu choose – My registration
  • then select – View certificate.

Employers or overseas regulators

Only a doctor can request a copy of their certificate of proof of entry. The most up to date way to check a doctor’s status is through the medical register.