What to tell us when you apply - guide

What happens next

We’ll assess your application including the questions you have answered and the additional information you provided. We’ll treat your information confidentially. Just because you have told us something doesn’t mean we won’t approve your application.

What if something happens after I’ve submitted my application?

If your personal circumstances change in a way that may affect your declaration, you should use the ‘What to tell us when you apply’ tool and read this guidance again. If the tool and guidance tell you that you should to tell us about something, you should contact us straight away.

Reaching our decision

We understand you’ll be keen to know the outcome of your application. We aim to make our decision as soon as possible. We do all we can to minimise delays, but if we need to carry out any enquiries this can mean it will take us longer to send you our decision. We’ll keep you informed of the progress of any enquiries.

We’ll let you know within five working days whether:

  • we've approved your application
  • we need more information
  • we need to make further enquires.

What enquires will we make?

We may need to verify the further information you have provided or ask other bodies/parties for further information.

I am joining the register for the first time or returning to the register

We know you might have concerns about starting to practice or returning to practice in the UK. Your colleagues will know that you’re a new or returning doctor. They will understand the pressures you might face and can provide support. 

Practicing during the coronavirus pandemic 

We’re committed to doing all we can to support doctors. We have published advice and frequently asked questions. 

Can I practice while I’m waiting for a decision on my application?

You must not undertake any medical work in the UK without the appropriate registration.