What to tell us when you apply - guide

FtP question 7: Performance, professionalism and other concerns

This page will help you answer fitness to practise question 7 on your application.

Is there anything else about your professional performance, professionalism or behaviour that might raise a concern about your fitness to practise as a doctor in the UK?

Other concerns about your fitness to practise you need to tell us about

You may be concerned about something that has happened but is not covered by another question. For example, this could be a health condition or professionalism concern that didn’t result in any action by an employer or medical school, but you think is still relevant to your application. It could also be something that happened outside of your work as a doctor or as a medical student.

If you are concerned about it or think we should know, answer yes to fitness to practise question 7.

I’m still not sure whether I need to tell you about performance, professionalism or other concerns. What should I do?

Use our What to tell us when you apply tool to help you decide whether to tell us about something. If you’ve used the tool and you’re still not sure get in touch with one of our advisers.