1. Criteria

The breakdown of criteria for breaks in practice

Time since graduation Total amount of practice since graduation (does not need to be continuous)   Practice in the last 12 months 
 Up to 2 years  No practice required  No requirement
 Between 2 years and 5 years  Must have practised for 60% of the time since graduation in a full-time role  6 months minimum
 Over 5 years ago  Must have practised for 60% of the last five years in a full-time role

 6 months minimum


  1. This table above provides a guide for decision makers, and should be considered in order to reach a fair and consistent decision. However, the decision maker is not bound by the criteria and has discretion to depart from it where they have a good reason for doing so. 
  2. Applicants with a break in practice in the last five years which does not align with the criteria set out above can submit evidence detailed in the guidance to demonstrate that they have mitigated the break in practice. The decision maker may take that evidence into account when making their decision. 
  3. Decision makers may request further information and/or evidence, or obtain advice from a Registration Panel in order to make their decision.
  4. The criteria and guidance take account of breaks in practice due to maternity, paternity, adoption leave or ill health, to ensure applicants with those circumstances will not be disadvantaged.