Specialty specific guidance for Occupational Medicine

The new Occupational medicine curriculum was published in August 2022. For a transition period you can make your CESR application in either the new curriculum or the previous version of the curriculum.

This option is available until the transition deadline of 9 September 2024.

Specialty specific guidance

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine and GMC have produced guidance documents for each version of the curriculum:

How to apply

You can apply through your GMC Online account.

When choosing your application specialty, please make sure you choose the curriculum version that you wish to be assessed against – 2017 or 2022, as the application structure is tailored to the above specialty specific guidance version.

2022 curriculum

Our standards for postgraduate medical curricula are Excellence by design and the framework for Generic professional capabilities. These help postgraduate medical training programmes re-focus trainee assessment away from an exhaustive list of individual competencies, towards fewer broad capabilities needed to practise safely from your first day as a consultant.

As a result, the 2022 Occupational medicine curriculum is outcomes-based. This means trainees will be assessed against the fundamental capabilities required of consultants in the working week. These include the general skills which all doctors need to have (our generic professional capabilities) as well as those needed to carry out all the specific day-to-day tasks carried out by an occupational medicine physician (learning outcomes).

Clinical skills and knowledge in occupational medicine are developed and evidenced in the 2022 curriculum by achievement of 11 learning outcomes, which embed the generic professional capabilities.