Specialty specific guidance for Histopathology

The new Histopathology curriculum was published in 2021. For a period of 12 months, applicants could make a CESR application against either the new curriculum or the previous version. This option is no longer available in GMC Online.

Any new CESR applicants opened will be assessed against the new curriculum.

Specialty specific guidance

We’ve produced guidance documents for each version of the curriculum with the Royal College of Pathologists.

Previous edition:

How to apply

You can apply through your GMC Online account.

2021 curriculum

Our standards for postgraduate medical curricula are Excellence by design and the framework for Generic professional capabilities. These help postgraduate medical training programmes focus trainee assessment away from an exhaustive list of individual competencies, towards fewer broad capabilities needed to practise safely from your first day as a consultant.

The 2021 Histopathology curriculum will be assessed by High Level Outcomes. These are included in the form of Capabilities in Practice (CiPs). CiPs describe the professional tasks or work within the scope of postgraduate pathology training.

They are based on the format of entrustable professional activities. This is a method of using the professional judgement of assessors as a key aspect of the validity of assessment. And a defensible way of forming global judgements of professional performance.

CCT trainees are eligible for entry to a Histopathology training programme following completion of a UK foundation training programme or equivalent.

Trainees in the four Cellular Pathology specialties, including Histopathology, will enter a period of Integrated Cellular Pathology Training (ICPT), which is 2.5 years of training. After two years of ICPT, trainees will either continue  Histopathology specialty training and declare whether they wish to undertake Higher Autopsy Training pre-CCT. Or apply for training in one of the three other Cellular Pathology Specialties.

This higher specialty training starts from 2.5 years and will need 2.5-3.5 years of extra training. CESR applicants will be expected to show equivalence to both ICPT and Histopathology specialty training.

It is recommended that you contact the RCPath Training Department for further advice before you complete your application.