Specialty Specific Guidance for CESR in Clinical Oncology

The new curriculum for Clinical oncology has now been published. Due to the significant changes that have been made to the curriculum we will be offering applicants the opportunity to make a CESR application against either the new curriculum or the previous version of the curriculum.  This option of dual running of curricula will be available for 12 months from the point of implementation for CCT training, which will be August 2021.

2021 Curriculum

The GMC designed its new standards for postgraduate medical curricula Excellence by Design and its framework for Generic Professional Capabilities, published in May 2017, to help postgraduate medical training programmes re-focus trainee assessment away from an exhaustive list of individual competencies, towards fewer broad capabilities required to practice safely as a day-one consultant.

The 2021 Clinical oncology curriculum has new content increasing the emphasis in acute oncology to support the acute unselected take.  On-call activity alone will not be sufficient to constitute acute oncology training. The curriculum requires demonstration of the management of oncological emergencies and responsibility for managing the Acute Oncology Service (AOS). Capabilities to be evidenced here include demonstrating targeted investigation and rapid triage of relevant patients, assessing and managing the immediate and on-going care of patients presenting acutely, understanding the local and regional AOS and communicating effectively between the elements of the service and leading the AO team when appropriate.  

There are new assessment tools, in particular the Acute Care Assessment Tool (ACAT). The ACAT assesses on aspects of acute oncology provision, including clinical assessment and management, decision making, record-keeping and handover, so these elements will need to be evidenced by those applying for a CESR in Clinical oncology against the 2021 curriculum.

The 2021 curriculum also sets out a change to the training pathway in that the Oncology Common Stem (OCS) will be completed at ST3 by both Clinical oncology and Medical oncology (MO) trainees, and an additional new assessment tool, the Multiple Consultant Report (MCR). 

Any CESR applications made against the 2021 curriculum must meet all the standards of that curriculum which will include this new content. Your specialty specific guidance gives you more information about what evidence you should submit.

If you choose to make your CESR application against the 2021 curriculum you may find it helpful to contact the RCR at specreg@rcr.ac.uk for further advice before you submit your application.

Specialty Specific Guidance

The Royal College of Radiologists and GMC have produced guidance documents for each version of the curriculum.

How to apply

You can apply through your GMC Online account. There is one application form which includes sections for both versions of the curricula. You should declare which curriculum version you wish to be assessed against in sequence one and only provide evidence in the sections of the application relevant to your curriculum.