Am I eligible to apply?

To be eligible to apply for sub-specialty recognition you must: 

  • hold full registration
  • be on the Specialist Register in the parent specialty of your chosen sub-specialty
  • have done GMC approved training in your chosen sub-specialty, or demonstrate that your overseas approved training is equivalent to the standards of the UK curriculum.

Please note - Sub-specialty recognition applications are based solely on approved training. We will only consider the sub-specialty training you have undertaken, and not any additional or equivalent experience outside of an approved sub-specialty training post or programme.

If you’ve trained in the UK, your training should have been administered by your Royal College/Faculty and Local Education and Training Board (LETB).

If you’ve trained overseas, your training should have been approved by the competent authority for the relevant country or region.

If you think you’re eligible, please email us to ask for an application form. Please state the sub-specialty you wish to apply in and attach a copy of your evidence confirming you have completed approved sub-specialty training.

Once we’ve confirmed you are eligible, we'll send you an application form.