How will my application be processed?

We process your application in different stages and have summarised these below to help you understand what’s involved.

Stage one

A specialist applications adviser will check:

  • you’re eligible for the application you’ve made
  • we’ve received all the documents you’ve listed
  • you’ve provided pro-formas to verify your evidence
  • you’ve nominated the correct type of referees.

If you have missed any evidence or the information you gave us is incorrect, we’ll let you know. We’ll contact your verifiers to confirm they completed the pro-forma you’ve submitted.

We’ll also contact you with further advice within 30 days of receiving any hard copy evidence you intend to submit. You’ll have another 60 days to provide additional evidence after we’ve sent our advice on your initial submission of evidence.

Stage two

Your application is deemed complete when we’ve:

  • received all of your evidence, including any extra information we requested
  • verified a sample of your evidence directly with your verifiers
  • received all of your structured reports.

We’ll then send it for evaluation by the relevant royal college or faculty. We’ll let you know when we’ve done this. From the point we send your application to the royal college or faculty, it takes up to three months until we give you your final decision.

We get a recommendation from the royal college or faculty on whether your application should be successful. This is not binding on the GMC. The decision on whether to enter your name on the Specialist or GP Register is ours to make.

Help us complete your application quickly

Your application can take three to six months before it’s complete and can be sent to the royal college or faculty for evaluation.

To help us complete this quickly you should:

  • submit any additional evidence quickly
  • speak to your referees before you give us their names
  • not submit your online application until you’re ready and your evidence is prepared. The main reason applications are unsuccessful is because they are incomplete and the evidence requested in our guidance hasn’t been provided.

Can I contact you for help?

If you need to contact us, your specialist applications adviser will be best placed to help you. We’ll let you know when major milestones in the application process have been passed. We strongly advise that you contact us to discuss your application before you submit it.