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Submit your application online

Once you've read and understood this guide, you're ready to apply through GMC Online.

Your GMC Online account

If you already have a GMC Online account, you can log in and apply by choosing 'My Registration' then 'My Applications'.     

If you have a GMC reference number, but have never logged in, you'll need to update your GMC Online account.

If you don’t have a GMC reference number, then you need to set up an account. To request a GMC reference number and for further advice on setting up an account, please contact us

To help support you, we’ve also created an interactive application user guide which will show you the steps you will go through in the online application. 

We have a further guide confirming the steps for providing additional evidence once you’ve submitted your application.

Timeframes for submitting your application online

You have 12 months to submit your application after you’ve started it in GMC Online. This is because we recommend that you use your online application as an electronic portfolio, uploading evidence as you gather it.

You’ll need to ensure you keep updating parts of your application over the 12-month period; otherwise, the application will automatically expire.

GMC Online won’t recognise uploading a document as an update. Therefore, you need to edit information1  in your application to keep it active.

1This means amending information in your application, for example, the description of a document or your work experience history