What happens after I send my request?

  1. How do I request a CCT?
  2. What happens after I send my request?

When we receive your request, we’ll check that you have been previously granted a CESR via the combined programme route before sending you a form to complete.

The form asks you to provide details of your training posts along with supporting evidence. We’ll ask you to return this to us by email.

Once we receive this, we’ll work with your royal college or faculty to check the details you have provided. We will write to you to let you know if your request is successful, and if it is, we will issue you with a CCT.

What date will be on my certificate?

The date on your CCT will be the date on which your CESR was originally issued.

When will I receive my certificate?

We’ll post your certificate to your registered address when we have granted your request.

You can check and update your registered address through your GMC Online account.