Am I eligible to request a CCT?

You can ask for a CCT to be issued retrospectively if:

  • you have previously been issued with a CESR through the combined programme route, because you trained in both non-approved and approved training posts, and
  • you meet the eligibility for the minimum number of years required for your specialtyor your specialty does not have a minimum training time and
  • you send a request to the GMC directly (you will not need to pay a fee).

If your training programme included any of the following, you should note the additional advice below: dual-training, sub-specialty training, LAT post(s), additional training time.

Dual-training programme

You only need to train in the UK for the minimum training time specified for one of your specialties. 

  • If your specialties have different minimum training times, then you must meet the higher time requirement. For example, a doctor training in Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus (which has a minimum training time of 3 years) and General (Internal) Medicine (which has a minimum training time of 5 years), would have to train for a minimum of 5 years in the UK to be eligible for a CCT.

Where one of your specialties does not have a minimum training time listed, you will need to have trained in the UK for the minimum training time specified for your other specialty to be eligible to be granted a CCT. 

Sub-specialty training

You must have trained in the UK for the minimum number of years specified for your parent specialty, but UK training in your sub-specialty (as part of the programme of approved training in your parent specialty prior to the completion of training) can contribute to this.

Locum appointments for specialty training

Locum Appointment for Training (LAT) posts can contribute to the amount of UK training time you have completed, as long as your Royal College or Faculty confirm that the LAT post counted towards your CCT.

Locum appointments for service posts (LAS) cannot count towards your minimum UK training time. However, competences/capabilities attained from undertaking a LAS post may count towards your entry onto a combined programme.

Additional training time

If you were required to undertake additional training time in the UK, for any reason (including an ARCP outcome 3), this can contribute towards your UK training time required for eligibility for CCT.