Application decision

Successful applications 

If your application is successful this means that you’ve met the assessment standards in full. Your name will also be entered onto the Specialist or GP Register.

We’ll send you a copy of our evaluation form relating to your decision in the post to your GMC registered address.

We’ll also send the documents you supplied in support of your application back to your GMC registered address via secure delivery.

You can update your registered address through your GMC Online account.

Unsuccessful applications

If you aren’t successful, we’ll tell you why. We’ll give you a list of recommendations which will tell you what evidence was missing or the top-up training you need to complete.

We’ll either repeat our recommended adaptation period or give you new ones.

To reapply you’ll need to complete a new, full Portfolio pathway application for entry onto the Specialist/GP Register.

Please contact us on for further information.


You may have a right to appeal against our decision on your application.

The Appeals team manage the appeals process. They are not involved in making decisions relating to entry to the Specialist or GP Register.

You're able to appeal within 28 days of receiving our decision.

You can read guidance on appeals.