How will my application be processed?

Processing your application 

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) will notify us once you’ve passed the outstanding part of the MRCGP. This notification will be sent within 15 working days of the publication of the examination results. 

We’ll then send you an invite to your GMC registered email address and a CN17 application form for you to complete. 

Once we receive it, we’ll send it to the RCGP. If they confirm that you’ve met all the requirements, we’ll grant your application and GP registration. We’ll do this within 20 working days of receiving your application form and payment. 

Any evidence you send to us that we don’t accept will be returned to you. We’ll also return all the evidence we accepted after we’ve issued your final decision.

It’s important that your GMC registered address is up to date so we can safely return your evidence to you.