You must be able to show that you have knowledge of, or experience in, any medical specialty derived from academic or research work. You should:

  • be an internationally renowned leader in your field
  • have clinical knowledge, skills and experience to the standards of a consultant in the UK health services.

To be eligible to apply you must have either:

  • a specialist qualification, or
  • at least six months continuous experience in any medical specialty.

You’ll need to provide evidence of how you’re eligible as part of your application. This could be a copy of your qualification or evidence of your employment.

If you think you’re eligible, please email us to request an application form. Please state the specialty you wish to apply in and provide a copy of your CV.

We'll then consider the specialty you want to apply in.

We do this for to:

  • enable us to source appropriate evaluators
  • make sure your specialty is at the level of consultant practice in the UK.

If we’re able to confirm your specialty is suitable we'll send you an application form. If your specialty isn’t suitable, we’ll let you know and outline your options.