Portfolio Pathway through the academic or research route (A or R).

This guide is for doctors who have not completed GMC approved training looking to obtain specialist registration. To be successful, you must be able to show that your knowledge and skills gained through academic or research work is consistent with a consultant in any of the UK health services.

To apply for specialist registration via A or R route you will need to show you are at least a nationally renowned leader within your field, and known internationally within your specialist area. You will also need to demonstrate you have clinical skill consistent with practice as a consultant in any of the UK health services, in the field in which you are applying.

This application requires you to prepare evidence before submitting your application. It can take over six months to process, so it’s important you read this guidance to help you complete your application.

Why read this guide?
To find out how to prepare and submit your application.
Next steps
Once you’ve read this guidance - request your application and prepare evidence.