Application decision

Successful applications

If your application is successful, this means that you’ve met the assessment standards in full. You’ll receive confirmation of your registration and your name will be entered onto the Specialist Register.

We’ll send you a copy of our evaluation form relating to your decision.

We’ll also send any hardcopy documents you supplied in support of your application back to your GMC registered address via secure delivery.

You can update your registered address through your GMC Online account.

Unsuccessful applications

If your application is unsuccessful, we’ll tell you why. We’ll give you a list of recommendations, as set out by the evaluators, which will tell you what evidence was missing from your application or any further training you need to complete.

Submitting a review application

A review application is a request for us to reconsider our decision not to grant your Portfolio application.

You can apply for a review within 12 months of receiving our decision on your application if:

  • you have additional relevant evidence that addresses the recommendations in your decision, that you haven’t previously submitted
  • you’ve completed any training set out in our decision
  • you think that there’s been a procedural error or other unfairness in the way we’ve processed your application or made our decision.

(A procedural error could include where you consider that we haven’t complied with legislation, have deviated from the correct procedure, or where we’ve overlooked or wrongly assessed evidence.)

You cannot use your old application to submit a review application

A review application requires that you open a new application, as your unsuccessful application is locked to new evidence.

Read our review of a Portfolio application guide for more information on how to submit a review application.


You may have a right to appeal against our decision on your application.

Appeals are handled by the GMC Appeals team, and they are independent of the registration process and aim to provide an impartial and fair service.

Note: an appeal must be made within specified time limits, within 28 days of receiving our decision.

Read our appeals guide for more information on appealing a decision on your application.