Delays to specialist applications

We’re currently processing a large number of applications. Thank you for your patience - we’ll aim to progress your application as quickly as we can.

General System of assessment for entry on to the Specialist Register or GP Register

This application route is for doctors who are an EEA or Swiss national, or have enforceable community rights.

You must have either:

  • a specialist qualification that was awarded by an EEA country (or Switzerland) other than the UK in the specialty you want to apply in, or
  • a specialist qualification that has been recognised by an EEA state (or Switzerland) other than the UK in the specialty you want to apply in

You must also have an Article 3 (3) certificate from the EEA country (or Switzerland) to show you have three years' professional experience in that country.

How is my application assessed?

Your application for entry onto the Specialist or GP Register may be assessed through the General System of assessment. This is because of your rights under The Directive on Recognition of Professional Qualifications.

You should submit your application through your GMC Online account. You will be asked to answer questions which will help us determine if your application for specialist registration or general practice registration should be considered under the General System.

When we assess your application, we'll compare your qualification against our approved national training programme for your specialty. If we identify any differences, we'll ask you to make up for these differences by completing an adaptation period.

Ready to apply?

You can check if you are eligible to join the Specialist or GP Register by answering a few questions, which will take you to the application type that suits your knowledge, skills and experience.